We will work with you to gain a full understanding of your business.  We will deal with your book keeping to your requirements and discuss with you how to keep the books and records.

We will assist in giving you guidance in order for the preparation of accounts and also for the preparation of VAT returns.

We can discuss with you the need to prepare annual accounts and also management accounts.

We will on an annual basis prepare the accounts of your business and will liaise closely with you in order to make certain that these show a true representation of the trading of your business for the particular period.

Statutory Audits

We have the professional expertise needed to conduct statutory audits required by limited companies and also by charities.  Whilst understanding the need for to meet statutory requirements we take the opportunity to ensure that we work closely in order to enhance your business.  We will endeavour to identify any problem areas and take the opportunity to recommend any improvements which we would suggest for your business.  We will work closely with you to obtain the best results for your business.

Whilst recognising that many regard the finalisation of the annual audit as a necessary evil we endeavour at all time, not only to be sympathetic in our approach to the audit but also to treat it as an opportunity for us to be able to be of assistance to the future trading of the business.
Preparation of VAT Returns and online submission

We will work closely with our clients to ensure that the VAT affairs of their business are in order.

We offer the service in completion of the books and records in order to finalise the VAT returns.

For those of our clients who wish  to complete their own VAT returns we offer the services of being able to submit these VAT returns on-line.

We have the expertise to deal with more complex VAT matters such as the completion of VAT returns for partially exempt businesses.
Personal Tax

Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax

We deal with self assessment Tax Returns for partnerships and individuals.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that all Tax Returns are completed within the required date in order to ensure that no penalties of late submission of Tax Returns are incurred.

We will liaise closely with you with Banks, Building Societies, any Financial Advisers, Stock Brokers etc. to obtain the relevant information for completion of Tax Returns.
We will finalise the Returns and send these to you for your consideration and agreement.

We will advise you of the amount of tax which needs to be paid.

We will make you aware of any possible tax savings.

Should you have an enquiry from HM Revenue & Customs we will assist you in answering these enquiries in full.

We will discuss with you, not only the Income Tax position, but also give you guidance on Capital Gains Tax.
Inheritance Tax

We can offer excellent professional advice regarding all Inheritance Tax issues.

We can advise on Residency and domicile issues.
Business Plans and Start ups

We work with our clients to get a full understanding of their business.  We guide our clients with the best possible tax advice so that they do not fall upon any legislation.

We work closely with our clients and with the banks to ensure that the businesses are run to the optimum profits possible.

We prepare Business Plans and Cash Flow Projections for our clients.

We finalise Management accounts for our clients.

We pride ourselves as always being available to our clients for any discussions needed for the use of planning of the business.

We encourage our clients to be proactive in the management of their business in order to ensure the best possible trading results in future for their business and to make them aware of any pitfalls particularly regarding taxation matters.  We will support our clients’ business and will assist in any way possible such as:
1.  Any discussions or correspondence with banks.

2.  Completion of all Income Tax and National Insurance forms.

3.  Completion of any VAT forms.

4.  Assistance if needed with company formation and company secretarial duties.

5.  Preparing Cash Flow Projections.

6.  Submitting applications for grants.

7.  Assisting with general book keeping, VAT and payroll..

8. Tax planning and advice
Company Secretarial Services

We assist our clients in dealing with the statutory duties regarding the Company Secretarial work.

We will assist in the completion of Annual Returns submitted to Companies House.

We will ensure that companies adhere to the finalisation of accounts and submit these to HM Revenue & Customs.  We will deal with any changes to Directors, Registered Offices and changes in shareholdings etc and assist in submitting the relevant forms to the Companies House.

We will assist in the maintenance of statutory books.

We will give advice on Company Law matters.
Payroll Bureau Services and Support

We assist our clients in dealing with the statutory duties regarding the Company Secretarial We can assist you in the administrating of payroll by offering a full service on this matter.  With the introduction of the Real Time Information (RTI) from the 6th April 2013 onwards the requirements regarding payroll matters have increased substantially for employers.

We have a dedicated team who will assist you by giving -
Company Accounts and Corporation Tax

We can deal with the reporting obligations necessary by limited companies.

We will work closely with our clients in order for the books and records to be maintained in accordance with Company Law.

On an annual basis we will complete the company accounts.  To do this we will work closely with the clients to ensure that the accounts reflect the trading results of the business.

We can offer services which will help minimise the Corporation Tax you have to pay and we make certain our clients comply with tax legislation such as:
Advice on any matters relating to Minimum Wage regulations.

Administration of the PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Holiday pay etc

We will furnish you with the relevant weekly or monthly payslips for your employees.

We will advise you monthly of the payments needed to HM Revenue & Customs..

We will deal with matters relating to any company pension scheme.

We will discuss with you the level of salary increases.

We will advise on any matters such as redundancy costs etc.
We offer the service of professional service to give guidance on all VAT matters such as:
Voluntary registration
Timing of compulsory registration
The use of the Flat Rate Scheme for VAT
Changing of the business structure or the change in partnerships.
Dealing with VAT control visits from HM Revenue & Customs.
Making sure that you take advantage of the Capital Allowances available.

Making best use of any losses of trade.

Taking into account opportunities of any particular trade.

Dealing with the completion of the Corporation Tax Returns.  Submitting the Corporation Tax Returns and Statutory Accounts on-line to HM Revenue & Customs in eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format.

If an enquiry is raised by HM Revenue & Customs we will act on your behalf in dealing with the  Inspector of Taxes.
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Chartered Tax Advisers

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